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How to tell if your eggs came from a sick chicken?





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Is there anything tastier than boiled eggs? Fried, scrambled, pickled - in any way they are very tasty. The key to eating delicious eggs is: eggs that come from healthy chickens.

How to identify a healthy chicken?

How will you know if the chicken is healthy or not? A healthy chicken eats a variety of foods every day, including meat and even insects, snakes and mice.

The good nutrients are delivered from the food to the eggs. In order to get all the good nutrients, the chicken must be allowed to roam freely in the clean air.

Chickens kept trapped in close and small spaces don't get the minerals and vitamins they need and their eggs are not of the same quality as those coming from chickens that are allowed to roam freely.

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Are you wondering what a quality egg looks like? Here is the way to distinguish a good egg from a bad one:

1. Density and hardness of the shell

Healthy hens produce eggs with a very hard shell and healthy eggs are a little hard to break. If you have noticed that the shell of your eggs breaks easily, it means that the quality of the egg is not good.

2. The color of the yolk

Light yellow shade This is not a perfect shade of yolk, although it is probably the color that people usually see. A healthy egg has a deep orange shade of yolk.

3. The thickness of the yolk

The quality of the eggs can also be determined by the thickness of the yolk. Healthy egg yolks are rounder and thicker.

Researchers report that a healthy diet is key to producing healthy eggs. For example: the amount of beta-carotene in an egg depends on the amount of beta-carotene given to the chicken in its daily diet.

Where to find healthy eggs?

You can breed your own chickens, of course only if you have enough space in your yard. This will ensure that the eggs you eat are healthy.

Buy free-range eggs, preferably from farms where you know for sure that the hens do roam freely.

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