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A single parent adopted an abandoned baby in the hospital - wasn't aware that she was the biological sister of her adopted son





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When Katie Price's marriage came to an end, she was only 30 years old - but instead of being sad and feeling sorry for herself, she saw it as an opportunity for a new and fascinating beginning to her life.

She moved into a new home, changed careers, and decided to explore the option of adopting a child.

In 2016 Katie contacted a social worker about a four-day-old baby that was abandoned in the hospital. He did not have a name, so Katie called him Grayson.

Grayson was with Katie for 11 months when the court ruled that his biological parents had no more rights over him, and Katie could finally call herself Grayson's mother.

But then fate entered the picture, and a new baby entered her life, much faster than she expected, a baby who would change her and her son's lives in so many ways.


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Oh how far we have come with Grayson鈥檚 eyes! Thank you for all the love on his new glasses… we are working hard to keep them on! And to continue wearing a patch on his left eye for a couple hours a day to help strengthen his right eye. This picture illustrates the eye crossing pre-surgery… it鈥檚 been just over a year since he went under the knife in hopes of seeing straight and the muscles have held so far 馃槏 #strabismus #eyesurgery #lazyeye #babyboy #fostermom #singlefostermom #lilbabyg #momlife #raisingboys

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Katie really loved being a mother, and was eager to add a new baby to the family, a baby that would be a little brother to Grayson.

But just a month later, Katie received treatment from a social worker regarding a baby abandoned at the same hospital where Grayson was born.

Just hours later, baby Hannah was home together with Katie and Grayson.

But only when she looked at Hannah's hospital bracelet and noticed the mother's name was the same as Grayson's mother's name. It made her start to wonder..


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Happy Birthday to our Grammy! She鈥檚 come to stay with us this month and Grayson is SO happy 鉂わ笍 #grammy #happybirthday #adoption

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After examining Hannah's file and performing a DNA test, she discovered that Grayson and Hannah have the same biological mother, they were half-brothers.

Now they will be able to grow together thanks to the amazing mother, Katie.


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Two peas in a pod! Throwback to last summer before either was walking! 馃摲: @ashleycreativeco #fostercare #singlefostermom #thisisfostercare #chooselove #momlife #fosterlove #fostertoadopt #adoption #mightymamasbyadoption #adoptionrocks #fostermama #fostering #fosterbaby #thisisus #fostercareis #itsworthit #lovemakesafamily #irishtwins

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