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3 things about mothers who have had a caesarean section that everyone needs to know





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Being a mom is never an easy task: there is a lot of responsibility that comes with the job, there are great efforts, but it is also very rewarding.

We would like to praise the wonderful women who have had a caesarean section and are now wearing their ‘sign of happiness’.

1. They stand with great courage in the consequences of surgical intervention

You may think that a caesarean section is a common and uncomplicated operation, but the truth is that it is considered a very serious operation. And like other serious surgeries, cesarean section has risks for both mother and child.

In addition, it is very difficult for the future father and family members in this situation. They are alone and unable to receive support when they are in a state of uncertainty.

There is no better example of a battle where fear and loneliness fight against strength, willpower, and unconditional love that these women go through just to receive their beautiful baby.

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2. They don't know if everything is fine until they leave the operating room

In these cases, the risk does not end with the birth of the baby. As with any surgery, doctors cannot determine that everything has gone well until the anesthesia passes.

In addition, there is a detail that few are familiar with. During a caesarean section, the mother is conscious - she does not feel pain, but she does feel the movement that takes place inside her. This is not a pleasant feeling, an invasive feeling, and if you are not aware of it, it can be very traumatic. And yet, they go through it with their heads held high because they know the rewards are tremendous.

3. They go through the recovery process like real heroines

When a child is born, the mother's world concentrates on him (or her) and she meets his needs without asking questions. It requires advance preparation and logistics that can be tiring. Imagine doing it all but with pain. Yes, with great pain and discomfort that is an inevitable part of the postoperative recovery process.

It makes them even stronger, as they cross the pain threshold and build an inner strength that can only be compared to another mother’s lack.

No matter how hard it is, they do it with a smile and with all the love in the world. Because for every minute without sleep, for every diaper they change, every smile and opportunity to hold that little hand, to feel their breath, and the smell of the new baby - it's all worth it. That's why they're in the world, to make this little spur of theirs happy.

We salute each and every one of these mothers who are marked with a scar that allows them to never forget what they are made of. So dear mothers, go with this beautiful sign with pride. Do not hide it, because not every mother has this right.

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