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Social worker lived a solitary life, but after he died the community was shocked when they discovered the truth he kept secret





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Most of us can recognize a solitary soul when we meet one. These people that you never know much about, and who like to be lonely and don't have many friends.

Although Alan Naiman was a social worker, a job in which you essentially meet many people, outside of work he preferred his own company and never got married or had any children.

For the few who did know him, they were unaware of the great secret he had been hiding for decades.

Few people who knew Alan noticed that he was very conservative about his money - for example he would rather fix things with a tape rather than buy new ones, always looked for specials and discounts in stores and if he would eat outside - then only in cheap fast food restaurants.

It was only after Alan's death that everyone understood why he lived such a frugal life.

Invested wisely

Alan worked as a social worker and earned an annual salary of $67,000. But he also worked in additional jobs to earn more money, and invested his money wisely and inherited money when his parents passed away.

Sometimes he worked in three jobs at the same time.

I like this

The social worker saw up close how difficult life can be for many children but he also grew up together with a big brother who suffered from disability and invested his life to help him.

Alan hardly spoke about his brother, and many people also did not know that he was a foster parent many years ago.

Only after Alan's brother passed away in 2013 did he decide to indulge himself with a sports car.

I like this

When Alan died of cancer in December 2018, his big secret was revealed.

In his will, Alan left $11 million to charities for children.

He also detailed how much each charity would receive, with $2.5 million being donated to an organization for children that helps babies born to drug-addicted mothers.

Generous gifts

Most of the organizations to which he left the money had no prior relationship with Alan, including the Pediatric Interim Care Center.

Alan called the organization once many years ago to help a baby, but the organization's executives never met him.

He also donated money to an organization that helps foster families.

He dedicated his life to saving this money for the benefit of others; what an incredible gesture.

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