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If you thought your ice tray was only for icing water, then you must know these 10 brilliant tricks





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We have many items in home that are supposed to serve one purpose - and one only. Or at least, so we thought up until now.

Indeed, with a little creativity, an open mind and thinking outside the box, there are endless possibilities and ways to get the most out of things we already have at home.

Ice trays are a great example of this - so we thought about sharing with you today the things you can do with them you at home.

1. Yogurt

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Is there a yogurt in the fridge that is about to expire? Freeze it and it will last longer.

2. Strawberries and chocolate

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Try to freeze strawberries and chocolate together. When you're crave for something sweet, you won't regret it! Yummy!

3. Eggs

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If you want to keep the eggs from spoiling, try freezing them in an ice tray. This is very useful if you have a large amount of eggs at home.

4. Coffee

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Want a simple trick for the best cup of coffee ever? Freeze your coffee and take out the dice when you want a refreshing cool drink.

5. Juice

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Juice is a wonderful drink to freeze. Perfect for your shake if you want a refreshing and delicious drink.

6. Red wine

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Do you have bottled wine? Try to freeze it in an ice tray - you can then make a perfect sangria with it!

7. Lemon and peppermint

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Cut some lemons and put them in the ice tray along with peppermint leaves. This trick is perfect if you want to make lemonade or cocktails.

8. Spices

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Finely slice the spices you want to use and place them in the ice cube tray. Cover with olive oil. Then put in the ice cube into the dish you want to cook, and that's all!

9. Aloe Vera

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The ice tray is not just for dishes. Aloe magical ice cubes will do wonders for your wounds, burns and skin.

10. Grapes

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An ingenious idea when your wine or rosé is not cold enough. Instead of ice cubes, put in some frozen grapes in the same color of wine.


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