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This is why you need to put on socks at night before you go to bed - it is so smart





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There aren't many things that feel better than getting in between the sheets when you go to bed. After a long day at work, it's fine to give in to sleep before you take off your clothes, and collapse into bed and sink into a world of dreams.

And yet, I always had a feeling that something was 'wrong' when I went to bed with socks. I don't know how to explain it, but sleeping with a shirt or pajamas is fine, but socks have always made me feel uncomfortable.

But there is nothing like the present to change the way you see things. And that's definitely something I did after learning the information in this article.

It actually makes a lot of sense to sleep with socks on when you go to bed at night. Keep reading and find out why..

You can not put your finger on it, but it feels like there is a stigma about sleeping with socks. You just don't wear them when you go to bed.

But it's always nice to change old habits, especially when you have new information that you did not know before.

During the winter, I kept my socks on just because I had cold feet. There is nothing worse than waking up with cold feet.

I like this

But now it turns out that it's actually a good thing to sleep with socks on at night, according to studies from the University of Basel in Switzerland. But how did they come to this conclusion?

Well, they examined the relationship between the temperature in our hands and feet, and the speed at which people fall asleep.

I like this

They tested their theory on a group of men, most of whom fell asleep when their feet were warm. Once the blood vessels dilate, heat dissipates more rapidly to the rest of the body. According to the study in question, it allows people to fall asleep faster.

To put it simply, when you wear socks you will actually fall asleep faster.

For skeptics, why not try it for yourself? Tonight go to bed with socks!

In the meantime, if you're already sleeping with socks on, do not be ashamed of it!

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