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The police warn: this is why you should always wrap your car key in aluminum foil





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If you have a relatively new car, chances are you can unlock it from a distance, sometimes without doing anything but getting close to it.

The keyless function means that the driver only needs to be close to the car for the automatic locking system to open the doors and start the engine.

Of course, as with any technology, there are glitches and problems associated with it - things that car thieves take advantage of as best they can.

Car thefts with this function are common, but you don't have to be the next in line to have their car stolen.

Here are some simple tricks that everyone should know when it comes to protecting their vehicle from theft.

Car thieves

First of all, it is important to understand how the keyless ignition system works. Simply put, there is a computer chip inside your key, one that has a unique code that is synchronized with your vehicle's security system.

Inside the car there is another chip containing the same technology and code. When codes match, it instructs the car to open the doors.

Now, most keys require you to be about 30cm from the car, making it harder for people to steal your car before you get to it.

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But if you park your car in a public parking lot - for example in a shopping mall, or even on the street outside your house, thieves can amplify the radio signal from the key. This is a relatively simple and effective method of stealing cars, and one that thieves succeed in carrying out time and time again.

According to the Swedish website ViBilägare, there are even those who survey residential neighborhoods in the hope of finding cars with an automatic start system. With this technology, they can trace the signal from the key inside the house, then unlock the car and steal it.

Once the car starts, the key is no longer needed. If there is a lot of fuel in the tank, it means they can easily escape the scene, sometimes before anyone notices.

If the car is stolen, it is usually dismantled and keys with new codes are installed.

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How do you prevent it?

The German automobile association ADAC has examined several methods used by thieves which amplify the radio signals of the keys. 22 car models from many car manufacturers were put to the test, and each of the 'thieves' managed to open the car and drive away.

But when you put the key inside aluminum foil, you can create a barrier that prevents electronic signals and radio waves from traveling.

According to the police, if the key is wrapped in aluminum foil, it makes it very difficult for thieves to 'catch' the signal and steal your car.

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If you want to make sure it works, try approaching your car while the key is wrapped in aluminum foil and see if the doors open.

As long as the key is wrapped, no signal can escape and unlock the car.

Police tips

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Were you aware of this type of car theft? Did you know this trick with the aluminum foil?

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