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A woman left her porch door open during a storm - went inside and got the surprise of her life





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If you live in a forest area in the United States the chances of you seeing elk are quite high. In the United States they are everywhere.

A lot of people don't like elk and consider them a nuisance, claiming that they destroy their gardens, walk on the seedlings and eat the grass and flowers.

At the same time, we think this story will melt even the coldest heart and perhaps even dispel the anger and reputation that has gone out to moose in the United States.

Anyone who has seen the movie 'Bambi' knows how cute little deer can be - but what if you met three of them?

Well, that's exactly what happened to one woman after she left the back door of her house open during a storm.

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The woman who calls herself Amscolie on Imgur website has decided to share her cute story with the internet.

She left the back door of the house open while she prepared her house for a strong storm that was on its way.

When the storm hit, she went outside for a moment to see if the orphaned deer she cared about were around. But unfortunately she did not see them.

But very soon she would find that they were much closer than she had imagined.

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Animals are known to have a sixth sense when it comes to storms or natural disasters, and they feel them before they arrive.

They have the ability to sense changes in barometric pressure and hear sound frequencies that humans are unable to.

This is why you see dogs, elephants, horses and birds behaving strangely just before a storm or extreme weather change is about to happen.

And those little deer knew what was coming.

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When Amscolie walked back into the house she was in shock.

Somehow, all three of the cuties managed to get into her house, without her noticing.

The back door was half open and they took the opportunity and sneaked inside - smart, right?

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"I raised orphaned wildlife. Recently the back door of the house was open while a storm was about to hit the area. I did not see the deer anywhere", she wrote. "I went inside, walked towards the main door, and saw them at the living room table. I told them they could sleep at home tonight because it would be cold outside and not fun".

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Any pet owner or ‘mother of animals’ would be upset if she did not know where her babies were when the weather was bad outside, but these little ones knew exactly what they needed to do.

A happy ending to a scary situation - and the deer were not afraid to show their love, as you can see in the pictures.

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No matter if you like moose or not - it's hard for us to believe that anyone would disagree with Amscolie when she wrote: "How can you say no to a face like that?" When referring to the image above.

Please share this cute story with all your friends and family.


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