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She started drawing dots on a paper. But wait until you see what happens as the camera moves away





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Julia Kocevas from Sweden definitely knows how to connect the dots. As a criminologist she connects points to solve mysteries of crime and capture criminals, and in her free time she connects them to create amazing works of art.

No, we are not talking about these coloring books for kids in which lines are drawn between dots to create an elephant or a giraffe. Julia spends hours creating thousands and tens of thousands of dots and putting them together to create her art. Look down. this is simply amazing.

The part-time artist invests a lot of effort and energy in her work - about 70 hours for each breathtaking work. The secret to her works is talent and technique.

I like this

Julia uses a technique called 'stifling' which basically means marking a surface with small dots to create a drawing.

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Julia uses the technique to create textures and shadows.

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Even though the dots are only one color, she uses different patterns, like rotations, to create different textures.

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She also uses different techniques in her paintings.

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Julia creates darker areas by drawing the dots close to each other and creates lighter shadows by drawing the dots farther apart.

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Julia's most impressive effect is the drawing of light and dark shadows next to each other.

I like this

And here's Julia in action. The video starts with dots, but wait until you see what happens when the camera moves away.


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50k!! This has been the most unreal week. Today a swedish TV channel came to my home to shoot a video of me drawing and did a short interview with me as well. As a thanks to everybody here there'll be free shipping of all prints until I can't afford that anymore (馃槣) Song: Matt Corby – Brother Kygo Remix

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If you too were impressed by Julia's talent share it with your friends and family.


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