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A woman in a coma heard her husband whisper the truth in her ear as they cut off the respirator she fought like a lioness





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This is every child's biggest nightmare.

When Steven found his 45-year-old mother, Lyndee, unconscious at home, he panicked.

He immediately called for help, and Lyndee was rushed to the hospital.

But the doctors had nothing to do.

Five days later, Lyndee suffered a series of seizures and eventually went into a coma, where she remained for 12 days, according to the Mirror's report.

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Lyndee's husband, Steve, daughter Amanda and son Steven were hoping for a miracle.

But the doctors said they had nothing left to do. Twelve heartbreaking days after the tragedy, the family was advised to turn off the life support.

It's a decision no family should make, but they knew Lyndee wanted to be an organ donor, which made the decision a little easier.

"My family knows I wanted to donate my limbs after my death, so when the systems started to crash, they made the decision - it was time to make the decision", Lyndee later explained.

They made the difficult decision to detach her from the respirator, respecting Lyndee's desire.

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One by one, each member of the family came to visit Lyndee to say good bye.

But what the family didn't know was that Lyndee had heard every word. Because Lyndee did not suffer from brain death.

Although she couldn't move or speak, she was sometimes aware of what was going on around her - a phenomenon known as lock syndrome or pseudo-coma.

"I remember people talking to me", Lyndee recalls. "I remember people coming to visit, and my niece reading a story to me".

Lyndee's husband was the last to say goodbye to her, and he whispered to his wife: "You're a fighter. I need you to fight".

Lyndee, who could not move, and probably do nothing, was aware of what was happening around her. She knew she needed to speak to save her life, but she tried and failed.

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"In my mind, it was very clear what I was saying, but it wasn't clear to them", she explained.

And she wanted so much to stay that she eventually managed to utter a few words.

"I'm a fighter", Lindy whispered.

Her family were shocked.

Completely shocked, Steve immediately ran to call the doctor.

"My husband said, 'She does everything you said she wouldn't do'", Lyndee recalls. Against all odds, Lyndee returned, she was alert and responsive to her surroundings.

They turned off the respirator, and now the dear mother and wife was alive! It was nothing short of a miracle.

"I looked at her, and she just said 'Hi', and I just fell on my knees", Lyndee's daughter, Amanda, said as she described how she broke down after receiving the shock for her life.

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Lyndee could finally leave the hospital, but her journey to ordinary life was still not easy.

First of all, she had to learn to walk and eat on her own again.

Despite her incredible recovery, she suffered from a number of health problems and complications.

"They let me go home, but I went through treatments at home so I could keep learning all over again", she said.

She also had to undergo four surgeries and hospitalizations, she also suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of what she went through.

Four years have passed, but Lyndee Brown has no answers yet as to why she lost consciousness in the first place, or how she has recovered so wonderfully.

But one thing was certain, and she wanted others to know.

"Just because you're unconscious doesn't mean you don't hear", she said.

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"So if you need to talk to your loved ones if you are in the same situation. They do hear you".

The experience Lyndee's family had gone through them convey an important message to others.

Everything can disappear in an instant. You can wake up one day and everything will be fine, and then your life will turn all around.

"Keep your family close to you. Don't let them go. I don't take it for granted that I come home and kiss my mom", said Steven, Lyndee's son.

"Every day I come home from work, see her and talk to her", Steve continued.

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What a touching story. If you know someone in a coma, he may very well be heard by you. Tell him how much you love him and that you need him to fight.

And don't forget to hug the people you love, and remind others to do the same because you never know when your last chance will be.

Please share the story if you were moved from it too.


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