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The secret is revealed: this is how magicians perform these 6 magic tricks you're all familiar with





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A magician's talent lies in his ability to keep you alert in anticipation of his amazing trick.

Sometimes magicians really seem to be able to do things that go against the laws of the universe, and the atmosphere they create during their shows helps them diminish and even dispel the slightest doubts you have about their tricks.

This article will look at six famous tricks of magicians that have amazed people over the years, and we will look at them from a scientific point of view to reveal that not everything is as it seems.

Secret 1: Sawing a person in half

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We all saw this trick, usually our breathing stopped, with the magician sawing a woman in half? Well, it's much less amazing when you find out there's two girls inside the magician's box!

Secret 2: The torn bill

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Some time ago, people wondered how the magician David Copperfield managed to rip a bill in half in front of people, then folded it and discovered that the bill was actually intact. The secret here is a cunning use with a pencil: the pencil is cut in half diagonally and connected together with strong magnets! This allows the bill to easily pass between the two half magnets and remain intact.

Secret 3: Sit in the air

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The secret of this trick, one of the most popular tricks among street magicians, is hidden support. This is why magicians who perform this trick stand in such a way that hides the stick or support device they are using: they just have a type of device that works through their clothes.

Secret 4: The Vanishing Glass

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A glass of water is placed on the table and then covered with a handkerchief. Then the magician picks her up and throws her in the air. The result: the handkerchief falls to the floor, and the glass of water disappears. There are two parts to this trick: first, there is an iron wire ring sewn inside the handkerchief, which creates the illusion that it is under the handkerchief, and the second part, the cup falls into a secret pocket through a hole in the table.

Secret 5: The human zigzag

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The success of this trick depends very much on the abilities of the magician's assistant, whose main purpose is to keep her legs and hands in a strange position in a small and uncomfortable box.

Secret 6: Michael Jackson's 'Anti-Gravity' trick

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Remember "The lean" which goes against laws of gravity by Michael Jackson and his dancers in the clip for the song 'Smooth Criminal'? It looks amazing, while Michael Jackson keeps his body straight while bending his ankles to a 45 degree angle. The secret here are special shoes he wore, which lock the heel of the shoe into a fixation in the floor. With his feet stuck to the ground, Michael was able to make a movement that seemed physically impossible.

Illustrations: BrightSide


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