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The 'Pinocchio Baby' was assaulted because of his huge nose: 3 years later his transformation was completed thanks to a complex surgery he underwent





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Imagine to yourself what if we could see the beauty and accept the differences in others, instead of isolating them and laughing at those who look a little different.

If things were like that, we think it would be a wonderful world to live in.

The good thing is that it is possible to change our attitude and the stereotypes surrounding those who do not look like everyone else.

Hoping that the story of little Ollie will inspire others and try to make the world a better place, step by step.

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Amy Poole received bad news during her second pregnancy. On the first ultrasound the doctor already saw something unusual in the face of the fetus.

On the scan they did on the 20th week, the doctor saw that Amy's son had soft tissue growing out of control around his nose.

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Amy knew her son would not look like other children, and yet, nothing prepared her for the shock that struck her in the delivery room.

Although she had studied the subject before, Amy recoiled when her son emerged into the world air.

"When they let me hold him for the first time, I was in such a shock that I could barely speak", Amy said.

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The boy, who goes by the name Ollie was born with a rare syndrome called encephalocele, a fracture in the skull that caused his brain to grow through a hole in the head and through the nose.

The syndrome is extremely rare and occurs in 1 in 10,000 children.

Despite the unusual appearance, Amy did what any mother would do - she loved her son unconditionally.

It did not change what other people, her family or friends said or what obstacles she faced, Amy was determined to put her son above and beyond everything.

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But it was not easy for Amy or Ollie.

People stared at the baby and called him ugly, which broke Amy's heart more times than she could remember.

There was one specific remark she would never forget: a stranger told her it would have been better if her son had been born lifeless.

"For me Ollie is perfect. He's my little Pinocchio and I'm most proud of him in the world", Amy said.

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Fortunately, Ollie have received support from many people, in his family and also from kind-hearted people.

Most people realize that he is just like any other child, only with a bigger nose.

With his charming personality, his older sister, Annabelle, is even jealous of her little brother.

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"He and Annabelle are best friends - they always play together. Annabelle is jealous of Ollie because of all the attention he gets", Amy explained.

Recently Ollie also have undergone a number of surgeries.

Amy was hesitant at first about the surgeries, but the doctors explained to her that he would be at risk of infections if he did not undergo these surgeries.

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All surgeries were successful. And today the condition of Ollie is excellent.

Amy also has a message for all those who commented on her son's appearance:

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"I don't want other kids to hear comments and get responses like he might have received and I think the best way to fight that is to educate and teach people. I would rather people ask me why he might look the way he does, instead of telling me he's ugly or pointing and staring at him".

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What a beautiful family, with tremendous values ​​and power despite all the abusive comments they had to absorb!

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