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If you wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, keep one eye closed for this reason..





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Here are some great body tricks that can help you speed up your body's recovery processes. You can use them to help with a wide range of diseases and health problems.

Keep one eye closed

A cool trick and so simple! If you get up for the bathroom in the middle of the night, keep one eye closed. Dr. Mercola claims that exposing light to the cornea can fool the brain to think it is morning or daytime. So if you have trouble falling asleep after getting up for the bathroom in the middle of the night, try this trick because you will get used to the darkness much faster and fall asleep easily after getting up.

Rotate your neck

We have all experienced organs that have suddenly ‘fallen asleep’, it turns out it is because of pressure on the nerves that are not getting enough oxygen. Most of us will move and shake our arm and try to 'wake it up'. Instead, move your head backwards (as if you are trying to release cracks in the neck), the nerves in the neck go straight down towards the arm and the hand where the anesthesia is. It only works for hands, not feet.

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Hiccups, hiccups, and more hiccups

Hiccups can be annoying and disturbing, and trying to get rid of them can frustrate anyone. As the diaphragm contracts, the vocal cords interfere with the air you breathe and exhale, creating the sound of hiccups. Try to open your mouth and swallow reflexively. Keep swallowing for a few more moments, leaving your mouth open. This should soothe the contractions in the diaphragm, and stop the hiccups.

Stop the tears

We were all there. Emotions take over us and we start crying! Maybe you're watching a sad movie with friends and you do not want to embarrass yourself next to them. You have to stop the tears, and to do that you will look for objects to stare at. Say in your heart the color of each object, one by one.. the concentration calms the breathing and the heart rate, thus preventing the tears from dripping.

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Pull the ear

Massage to the temple can prevent headaches, but pulling in the ear is even better. Hold the wing and gently pull it back. The temporal bone moves, allowing fresh cerebrospinal fluid to enter. It cleanses and purifies the area, and provides pain relief.

Afraid of needles?

A blood test or injection is a big fear of many people. German researcher Taras Osichenko found that a cough while stabbing the needle can work on the body so that it does not feel pain. It's not clear how it works, but it works great. Give it a try.

Melt the brain!

If you eat ice cream too fast you know what will happen. Brain Freeze. The brain wants to defend itself when suddenly a cold wave enters and it loses heat. According to Dr. Michael Sinkin, you can get rid of Brain Freeze by heating the roof of the oral cavity with the tongue.

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Swallow pills easily

There are large pills, and naturally they are not easy to swallow. According to Dr. Mercola there is a simple trick to swallowing pills. Put the pill in your mouth, drink water, and lean your head forward while you swallow. What happens is that the body's reflexes start working and move the pill back to the throat, allowing easy swallowing without suffering.

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