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Driver got furious when motorcyclist collided with his car - but then looked at the floor and immediately started crying





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You can always replace things that have been lost, but you can not replace lost respect or love for others.

This is the thought that Sayd Omar Morales Akmad walks with every day.. even on the day a motorcyclist collided with his car.

What Sayd did after the accident not only stunned the local community, but the whole world - and it's a story that shows we can all learn from each other.

Sayd Omar Morales Akmad was driving a car while in a traffic jam in the Philippines when suddenly a motorcycle collided with his car from behind.

The motorcycle's hit twisted the back of Sayd's car. He was angry and was about to yell at the motorcyclist who hit him.

But then, he saw what was scattered on the floor next to the motorcycle that fell: a large sack of rice.

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It turns out that the man who collided with the motorcycle into Sayd's car is a poor fisherman who was on his way home with the rice to feed his hungry family.

Sayd realized that now the fisherman's family would have nothing to eat as the sack of rice was spilled on the road.

So when the police arrived at the scene and the motorcyclist took the blame and wanted to pay for the damage, Sayd said ‘no’.

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Sayd said that despite the damage to the car, he was much luckier in life than the poor fisherman. So not only did he refuse to get money from him.. he did more than that.

To the surprise of the people gathered around the accident, Sayd opened his wallet - and gave money to the person who had just collided with it. Sayd only wanted the man to be able to feed his family.

The fisherman was filled with tears and thanked Sayd for his generosity and kindness. But Sayd said all the praise comes to his grandmother. A few years ago she told him a sentence he remembers to this day: "You can always exchange lost items, but you can never exchange lost respect or your love for others", and he shared this on Facebook.

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We were so moved by this driver who refused to accept compensation and instead decided to help a person in need. Everyone can learn from him!


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