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Mom bought a conditioner but didn't use it for the hair. Here are 14 surprising and useful uses for hair conditioner





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Between the sample bottles of hotels and products that you don't like so much, you probably have some excess bottle of hair conditioner at home.

And the good news is that there is a use for this hair conditioner and no, the use isn't for your hair this time.

Surprisingly there are many varied uses for hair conditioner that you would never might have thought about in your life.

Here are 14 things that if someone were to tell you about them would think they are crazy, but the truth is that they really work, and you can use these tricks every day.

Shaving foam

If you run out of shaving foam, you can always use a conditioner to keep your skin smooth and clean of cuts.

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Release a stuck zipper

If you have a stubborn zipper that seems stuck in place, apply some hair conditioner on it to help it break free.

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Put an end to squeaks

Conditioner works great, like the WD40 to put an end to door squeaks.

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Removing a band-aid

A conditioner will help you remove a band aid without pain. Apply a generous amount of hair conditioner on the edges of the band-aid.

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DIY dry cleaning for delicate clothes

Fill a sink with lukewarm water and add a tablespoon of hair conditioner. Soak the delicate clothes for a few minutes, rinse, and hang to dry.

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Removing a stuck ring

Apply hair conditioner on the base of the finger under the ring and above it. Try inserting a conditioner under the ring and twisting it upwards to remove it from the finger.

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Stainless steel polishing

Put some hair conditioner on a cloth to polish the metal products.

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Moisten the bath

A bath can make the skin feel dry. Drizzle some hair conditioner into the water; About a quarter cup, to give wonderful moisture to your skin.

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Unclogging drainage blockages

Pour some hair conditioner in the drainage and add boiling water to open up light blockages.

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Rust prevention

Applying a thin layer of conditioner to the sink, or anything that may rust, keeping them from rusting.

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Eliminating the contraction of clothing

It doesn't always work, but is definitely worth a try. Dissolve a tablespoon of hair conditioner with warm water and drown the clothes that have shrunk until they are soft and completely wet. Then gently stretch the garment to its original size.

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DIY paper for the laundry dryer

Pour some hair conditioner on a clean cloth and put it in the tumble dryer

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A refreshing spray for clothes

Maintain a wonderful scent for your clothes after you have worn them by preparing a DIY spray with conditioner and water in a 9:1 ratio.

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Nail cream

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Apply some hair conditioner on the nails to soften them before you cut them.


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