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Suffer from neck pain? This Japanese trick heals pain and stiff neck in just 10 seconds!





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Neck pain can affect your quality of life.

It makes almost any activity impossible, and I wouldn't wish it to anyone.

Neck pain has many causes, but the symptoms always feel the same. Pain sometimes radiates to the shoulder area or down the chest, to the hands and sometimes to the back of the head as well, and also some migraines are caused by neck pain.

Professional help is of course a good idea, but you can find relief with some tricks you can do at home.

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Neck pain can be caused by several factors, which include:

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Fortunately, there are many ways to reduce neck pain, including massages, hot tubs, and various medications.

But one thing you probably didn't think could ease a neck pain is a towel. Just like that, as you will see, one simple towel can be a very effective tool for a tight neck.

These three physical therapy exercises come from Japan. And not only do they relieve the pain, they also prevent the problem from returning again.

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* Roll a towel and place it behind your neck, holding both ends with your hands. Slowly look up and roll your head back as far as you can while resting your head on the towel.

* You can put some pressure on the towel to support your neck as you tilt your head back. Once the head is tilted back, return to the initial position. Repeat 10 times.

This is just one of the exercises you can do with a towel. You can also rub your neck with a towel soaked in rosemary and marjoram, a method that many people claim to be working.

And finally this trick that many people use:

Watch the video and see how:

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