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If you see this 'weed' growing in your garden - never take it out





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Removing weeds from the garden can be a tiring and annoying task - but there is nothing like the feeling of satisfaction once the garden is clean of weeds.

But before you root anything out of your garden, you need to know that there are some 'weeds' that can actually do wonders for your health.

Take, for example, the Common Purslane plant (also known as Duckweed, or Portulaca). Many people consider it a weed, and it is easy to understand why they are making this mistake. But it turns out that this plant has many health benefits.

It has long stalks that extend to the ground with its reddish, brittle but fleshy branches. Its leaves are elongated, elliptical and remind an egg by their shape. Many people are sure this is a weed, but after you'll read this article, you will think differently.

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The Common Purslane contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals, it is richer in Omega-3 fatty acids more than any other leafy vegetable. Along with other nutrients, the plant contains large amounts of iron and calcium, which are beneficial for bones, red blood cells, oxygen transfer, and appropriate detoxification. And the Vitamin A found in the plant also helps the eyes, skin, and mucosal function.

For those of you who are buying expensive supplements, the Common Purslane can be a great replacement. It's easy to grow the plant at home, and surprisingly its taste is excellent. Its leaves are crisp and have a citrus taste.

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A wonderful way to absorb the nutritients of the plant is through salad. The plant is an excellent substitute for spinach, and it goes well in soups.

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Here's an instructional video on the plant and how to identify it in your garden:

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So will you now look at the plant in a different eye?


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