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That's what will happen to your body within 24 hours if you eat 6 cloves of garlic a day!





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Most people know that garlic is good for them, and many of us have been told to start eating plenty of garlic when we feel like we are getting a cold. But did you know that eating garlic can keep ticks away?

According to the Journal of The American Medical Association, the chance of getting a sting from a tick is very small when eating a decent amount of garlic.

And now there is evidence that it takes a roasted garlic less than 24 hours to work miracles and wonders for the body.

For thousands of years, garlic is used as a medicinal herb, and the ingredient that gives garlic its special power (and its strong odor) is called Allicin.

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Studies have shown that flu and cold symptoms in people who eat garlic have reduced by 70%.

Eating garlic helps lower blood pressure, and is rich in antioxidants that reduce the risk of Alzheimer's and dementia.

Now back to roasted garlic and what happens to your body when you eat six cloves of garlic a day.

Hour 1: Your body digests the garlic and absorbs the nutrients

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Hours 2-4: The nutrients your body absorbs help fight cancer cells and free radicals in the body.

Hours 4-6: The body's metabolism rate is increased, starts the excess fluid removal process, and begins to burn excess fats.

Hours 6-7: The anti-bacterial properties of the garlic are released and begin to move in the bloodstream. Garlic starts to act on bacteria in the body.

Hours 6-10: The nutrients in the garlic have already helped the body at the cellular level and keep the body from oxidation.

10-24 hours: The garlic nutrients begin with a deep cleanse that includes the following processes:

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As you begin this process, it is important to drink plenty of water, eat healthy foods, and avoid processed foods, red meat, and refined sugar consumption.

So how to roast the garlic? Put the garlic cloves in the oven and bake at 175C degrees until softened. Eat six cloves and wait for the results!


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