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They don't want you to know: Here are 10 natural antibiotics that treat various infections and health problems





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Mother nature provided us with many natural medicines and remedies for our health problems that could help fight various diseases. They are completely safe and very effective.

Today, we are exposing 10 natural antibiotics that the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know and get familiar with.


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Fights many diseases and gives energy to the body. Helps with digestion, improves circulation, treats kidney stones, bronchitis, and urinary tract infections. You can consume it as a spread, juice or inside a shake.


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Eucalyptus has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, removes fungus and treats coughs.

You can consume it as an essential oil or as a tea made from it's leaves, as explained here.

Vitamin C

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Many fruits such as citrus contain large amounts of vitamin C, which strengthen the immune system and fight colds and flu. Vitamin C also corrects the skin. It is recommended to consume natural squeezed orange juice or to consume oranges daily.

Apple Vinegar

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Apple Vinegar, as well as Apple Cider Vingear, acts as an antibiotic and is rich in malic acid. Eliminates bacteria and treats sore throat.


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It's recommended to consume several cloves of garlic on a daily basis to fight infections, viruses and bacteria. Researchers have shown that regular consumption of garlic balances blood pressure, treats diabetes, and more.

Garlic also fights colds and flu, and relieves headaches. For best results - ground organic garlic, and eat it fresh, or add to salad, drinks or soups.

Grape seed extract

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Killing microbes, fighting bacteria and fungi. Dilute before use.


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Very similar to garlic and has the same qualities. Very effective in treating flu, cooling, pain and inflammation.

Manuka Honey

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This honey is produced in New Zealand, and it is rich in natural antibiotic materials.


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Ginger works fine if you suffer from colds, flu, nausea, and stomach pain. It soothes muscle and joint pain. But pregnant women should avoid its consumption.


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Prevents diabetes and balances blood sugar. For best results, use Sri Lanka cinnamon, let it sit in a glass of water and transfer it to the cup. Then consume it for several days.<


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