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Doctors have asked a mother to sacrifice her daughter to save her boys - her reaction made her a worldwide hero!





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Chloe Dunstan and her husband, Rohan, already gave birth to three wonderful boys, but they also wanted a daughter.

They decided to try to have another child, and very soon Chloe became pregnant.

A few weeks later, Chloe went for a routine check to make sure the pregnancy was progressing well.

And that was when she got the news that shocked her. She wasn't going to have her fourth child - she was going to have her fifth and sixth child as well!

Chloe was pregnant with a triplet!

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Chloe and Rohan began planning their future and preparing their home for the arrival of the trio.

And when Chloe was in the 28th week of pregnancy, she went for another test - a test that left her shocked once again.

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Chloe was pregnant with two boys and a daughter, and everything went according to plan.

But then the doctors forced Chloe to make a decision that no mother was supposed to make.

It turned out that while the two boys were developing well, the daughter was underdeveloped - and things got worse with each passing day.

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The doctors explained to Chloe that the daughter would probably die unless she underwent surgery.

But the surgery would endanger the lives of the boys as well.

Chloe had to decide if she wanted to have the surgery and risk all three babies, or probably sacrifice her daughter's life to ensure that the boys were born healthy.

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Chloe knew she was facing the toughest decision of her life.

"I couldn't hear it.. my head was thinking about one thing only 'I want all my babies', I thought a little about the alternative, did a lot of research and tried to imagine what I was going through. I knew it would be hard, but I couldn't give up, I know she is strong because she came all the way up to week 28, while she barely absorbed nutrients in the womb", Chloe wrote on Facebook.

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Despite the difficult decision, Chloe decided to give a shot to all three babies. It was a decision that she felt was the right one.

As soon as Chloe gave birth, the three babies were transferred to ICU.

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And with each passing day, they grew stronger and stronger.

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Pearl, the daughter, was tiny when she was born. But she fought well.

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"My three babies, they all did it, and not only that, they're all healthy", Chloe said.

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Chloe and her family were so happy that everything went through successfully.

"I just want to say that I'm happy and grateful that everything went through successfully. I couldn't imagine my life without her and I'm so proud of all three of them. I can't wait to see them grow", Chloe said.

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Pictured below are all six children - five boys and a girl.

What a journey they went through! We are so happy that everything ended on the best side for them.

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Today the babies are one year old. Wonderful to see them!

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