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This woman couldn't get pregnant for 5 years, but then her sister called and changed everything





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Many of us dream all our lives to become a parent one day.

We imagine how much we'll love our little baby and how exciting it will be to bring a "mini-version" of ourselves into the world.

We share with others the plans we have for the baby, when others tell only to close friends and family.

And when Aimee Morrisby decided to try and get pregnant, her beloved sister, Shayna, was the first to know.

Five years and four abortions later, Aimee could no longer cope with unsuccessful pregnancies.

But then she got a call from her sister that changed everything.

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Aimee Morrisby, pictured above, has been trying to get pregnant for five long years.

And as time went on, she started to accept the idea that she might never be a mother.

Her sister, Shayna, thought of Aimee, and the whole difficult time she went through when she tried to get pregnant without success.

So at 10PM, one day, she called her sister.

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"Let's have a baby..", Aimee heard her sister say on the other side of the line.

Shayna, who has two children of her own, was ready to get pregnant again - but not with her own child.

This time, she wanted to carry the baby of her sister, Aimee, and of Aimee's husband, Jake.

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When Aimee grew up she was diagnosed with severe bowel disease that left her with scar tissue.

But she is unaware of the severity of the damage until she visited the doctor when she was 21 years old, and learned that her uterus was also damaged.

The doctor recommended Aimee to get pregnant as soon as possible. Otherwise, there was a great chance she would never be able to do so.

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Aimee got pregnant several times with IVF.

But she suffered four miscarriages during five years.

The doctors realized that Aimee's womb was a "ball of scar tissue".

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Aimee and Jake began to accept the fate they might never have a child, when Shayna called with her incredible offer.

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Shayna's pregnant belly formed very quickly.

During her pregnancy, the nurses were together at every step, and their husbands supported them throughout the process.

When Shayna gave the birth, Aimee was always by her side, holding her hand and helping her.

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Shayna gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby.

They named the baby Francesca Louise Morrisby, and today she is a happy seven-month-old baby.

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Watch the moving journey of the amazing sisters in the video below:

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