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Marathon runner found an abandoned puppy in the middle of a race. She ran with him 30km to the finish line in the heavy heat





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Since I've never run a marathon, I can't even imagine what thoughts are going through the mind of something running 20 miles.

This mental challenge must be difficult, and the exhaustion they experience probably makes them wonder what they put themselves into.

Either way, one can safely say that the experience of Khemjira Klongsanun in the Chombeung marathon wasn't like anything else ..

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In the middle of the run, which took place in western Thailand, Khemjira spotted a small abandoned puppy in the middle of the runway. Other runners did their best to evade and avoid harming the cub, but Khemjira knew in her heart that she couldn't just leave him there.

Instead, she went gently to the puppy, knelt in front of him, and picked it up. Ignoring her position in the race, Khemjira thought first of all about the frightened puppy, something none of the other marathon contestants would have done.

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Khemjira knew that the puppy would not survive alone in the heat and humidity, and she was determined not to leave him behind. Not knowing exactly what she can do to help him, Khemjira decided to continue the race .. holding the puppy in her hands!

After another 30 kilometers Khemjira reached the finished line hugging the dog, and finally took him home with her.

But the amazing story didn't end there. Khemjira adopted the puppy and called him Chombeung, after the name of the race she ran at when she found him.

Watch the amazing and moving story in the video below:

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What a wonderful story of hope against all odds. We are grateful to people like Khemjira!

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