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A 4 year-old child revealed his father's big secret in kindergarten, so the teacher ran to the phone and demanded answers





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A teacher can sometimes be the third most important person in a child's life - after both parents of course.

Nancy Bleuer is a responsible and caring 54 years old preschool teacher. She is committed to the children in her garden and does everything she can to make them feel safe and cared.

One day, she noticed Camden, a 4-year-old boy who behaved differently than usual. She decided to talk to him to see if anything had happened at home.

That was when the little boy told Nancy about his father .. and her heart fell like a stone as soon as the secret was revealed.

Nancy felt she had to do something - so she acted quickly.

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It turns out Camden's father, 34-year-old Darreld Peterson, was very ill. When Nancy realized the gravity of the situation, she was extremely worried because she realized how much the disease affected Camden. She decided to call his father immediately.

Apparently there was a problem with Derald's kidneys. The doctors told him that his kidneys were working at 20% of their ability, and during dialysis, Derrald looked so sick that poor Camden was afraid it could be the last time he sees his father.

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Nancy decided she wanted to help the family in any way she could. But how? How can a kindergarten teacher help a family that has difficulty? The first thing you'd think of is something like suggesting herself as a keeper for Camden when needed, or maybe take him back from kindergarten.

But no - Nancy went much further than that.

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Nancy offered Darreld one of her kidneys.

Miraculously, it came out as a perfect fit, and the meaning for her was that it was obvious that she would offer one of her kidneys. All she had to do was fill out the necessary paperwork.

"I was very excited about it", Nancy said. "I was in ecstasy, I don't know what I would do if I did not fit in".

As might be expected, Derrald was very pleased but also shocked to hear Nancy's extraordinary offer. For him, it was nothing less than a life-saving gesture.

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"This is just amazing", Derrald said. "There are people who wait every day for a kidney, for a limb in general, and I wish there were more people like her. She gave me another chance to live".

When the family discovered that Nancy's kidney was suitable for Derrald, they decided to surprise her with flowers at school.

Camden could not have been happier than he had been. Imagine, his teacher helps save his father's life!

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The world is full of good people! If everyone were kind and unselfish like Nancy, the world would be a much better place. We all hope that the operation will go smoothly and that both Nancy and Derrald will heal and recover quickly.

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