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TV host asked Ashton Kutcher how she should pray for him - his immediate answer stunned everyone





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Ashton Kutcher made a career for himself as a Hollywood star, after appearing in films like Dude, Where's My Car? and The Butterfly Effect among others - is a familiar figure on the big screen, and in addition he invested in a number of successful companies.

Still, there's so much more to the 40-year-old than you know. He uses his fame and wealth to help tackle a global problem.

Anyone who has seen his last show on The Today Show can testify to that. Kutcher was asked by the presenter Kathy Lee Gifford about what they could pray for him. The actor, without hesitation, gave an answer that stunned viewers and since then has made headlines all over the internet.

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Immediately after the presenters asked Kutcher what they could pray for him, he told of an organization named Thorn which he founded in 2008. The organization builds digital tools to help combat human trafficking - an effort that the 40-year-old actor never received recognition about.

As SoShareThis reports, Kutcher became involved in the anti-trafficking movement after he saw a television show about sex trafficking in Cambodia.

Kutcher said: "I saw girls aged 6 and 7 years get raped for money. I said to myself, 'I don't want to live in a world where such things happend and I do nothing to stop them.'"

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In 2016 alone, Thorn managed to rescue 6,000 victims and capture 2000 sex offenders.

His war against human trafficking is getting positive results and Kutcher has no intention of stopping. Kutcher said he was hooked by the feeling of 'a desire to find the person who raped 7-year-old girls and blow his ass'.

He went on to say that he doesn't see his motivation ending soon, and vowed that he would continue this war for a very long time.

"This feeling will not change in me for another 5, 10 or 20 years, to want to take this guy to the warehouse will not change, to fight for the girls, it will not change", he explained. "So even if I fight for this goal on a large scale or I will simply be a person holding a small sign, I will do it for another 20 years."

Moreover, the past star of That 70's Show and Two and a Half Men has set another goal - to completely eliminate the child pornography network.

For the full interview on The Today Show, watch the video below:

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What a man Ashton Kutcher! Imagine the change that can be made if more famous stars dealt with global problems with the same determination.

Help us spread awareness about Kutcher's wonderful efforts by sharing the article with your friends and family. Show the world that you support the war against human trafficking!


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