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Every night when the parents went to sleep, this dog did something mysterious that even dog lovers couldn't explain





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The next story warmed the hearts of thousands of readers around the world.

The message is important - and it shows how much a dog's trust in humans is a precious gift we should be thankful for.

One family decided to adopt a dog. It immediately became an important part of family and liked playing with the kids.

The dog was very intelligent, and learned tricks quickly and easily. It did everything to make mom, dad and the kids happy. It's presence brought great joy to their lives.

But after a few weeks, the dog's behaviour became wierd. Every night, when the family were sleeping, it sat outside the bedroom and kept staring at the parents while they are sleeping.

The dog never fell asleep. Instead, it kept sitting at the same spot, and was the first to greet the parents every morning when they woke up.

The family had no explanation for the dog's strange behaviour and they started to get worried about it.

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They started worrying that the dog might be sick, so they took it to a vet for an examination.

But the vet found no problem. The dog was completely healthy.

In one last desperate hope, the family turned to the doghouse from which it was adopted from. They asked the team questions about the dog - perhaps they can find a reason for it's strange behaviour.

And what they discovered about their lovely furry friend has shattered their hearts into thousands of pieces.

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It turns out that the previous owners of the dog woke up one night and took the dog to the doghouse. During this whole time the dog was sleeping deeply.

The dog never got a chance to say goodbye of it's previous owners, from it's previous home, of it's previous life. When the dog woke up, it found itself in a strange and unknown environment. Imagine what that feels like..

Now in it's new home, the dog is too scared to close the eyes - in fear of not losing another home.

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When the family heard about the dog's sad past they couldn't stop crying. They wanted to get the dog's confidence back.

The solution?

They put the dog in a basket, close to their bed. That way they can show him they want it close to them - and that it is a big part of the family. And that they will never leave it!

It took the dog several weeks before it felt completely at home.

Finally, one night, the dog closed it's eyes and went to sleep. Ever since, it is sleeping peacefully, next to his new family that loves and cares for him.

A dog's confidence isn't something you play with! Therefore, always ask yourselves - can you realy handle a dog?

Ask this yourself before risking breaking it's heart.


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