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These 7 simple exercises will completely change your body in just 4 weeks!





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A new year is upon us, which means that for many people it's time for a new training regimen.

Unfortunately, this new routine doesn't last long for most people. The undertaking of real time and effort really needed to practice, makes it very easy to give up the whole thing.

This is why we composed this collection of simple exercises that can help you change your body with a simple 10 minutes workout a day over a period of four months. Now all you have to do is stick with it.

1. Plank

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Plank is one of the basic exercises that are to be done to strengthen the body. The exercise leads to stability and general strength. Do the exercise as in the picture above, when you rely on the elbows and maintain a straight back completely. Hold yourself in this position between 10 seconds to a full minute. Depending on the shape you are.

2. Push Ups

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The grandfather of exercises to strengthen the upper body. Push-ups is an exercise that have been around for an eternity, and is a great way to strengthen the chest, shoulders, triceps and core muscles.

3. Bird-Dog

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This exercise is great to strengthen the thighs and buttocks. Start in the above position, as pictured above, and then stretch the opposite hand and leg forward. Repeat on the other side.

4. Squats

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Just as the push-ups are necessary to strengthen the upper body, the squats exercise is the ultimate exercise for the lower body. The legs and shoulders must be in an equal width, and start to go down if you sit on an imaginary chair. Keep your back straight and stretch the arms out in front of you for balance if needed. Then, slowly lift yourself up.

5. Abs exercise

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Lay on your back, lift on leg up and bend the knee, and then touch the knee with your hand, and repeat on the other side.

6. Down-Dog

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First enter the triangular position with the body (known as "The Dog" in Yoga), keeping the legs and back in straight lines that form the letter V. Then, pick one foot up in the air like in the picture, and then slowly approach it to the chest. Try to touch your nose with the knee. Return to the original position, and Repeat with opposite leg.

7. Oblique Twist

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Start with spread your legs, knees bent slightly. Lean yourself on the wall. Then, hold a power ball and turn the body from side to side when you try to touch the wall with the ball / hand.

So now you know the exercises, so this is how you put them in a training program of four weeks.

The 4 weeks program:

Week 1:

Did these exercises for 6 days:

Rest for 10 seconds between exercises

Week 2:

Sets for 6 days

Set 1:

Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise

Set 2:

Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise

Week 3: Repeat the exercises of week 1

Week 4: Repeat sets of Week 2

Good luck!


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