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A 36 Year-old woman decided to quit her job so she could breastfeed her boyfriend





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A Bartender from Georgia, United States, resigned from her job so she would have time to breastfeed her boyfriend every two hours.

Jennifer Molford said she hopes to create a "magical connection that only breastfeeding can provide", according to a report by The Sun.

Since Molford hasn't breastfeeded since giving birth last time 20 years ago, the couple went to a regime of 'dry sucking' in order to encourage her body to produce milk.

Molford began her relationship with 36-year-old Brad Leeson, to create a so-called adult breastfeeding relationship.

Molford read about it when she was single and she got turned on by the idea.

"When I read about the relationship that breastfeeding can create between two people I started to envy", she says. "I always enjoyed touching my chest during sex, so I knew I would love it".

So she started searching for a man who will be interested in this kind of relationship.

I like this

"When I read about the joy it brought others, I was desperate to find a partner to share with me this emotional connection", she explains.

At first, her search had not been much of a success.

"I have used dating sites, forums and even posted an ad on Craigslist, but found no one. I began to think I'd never get to experience that breastfeeding relationship", she said.

But it turns out that this man was closer to her than she thought.

One day she brought the issue to her ex-boyfriend, Leeson.

"We talked and Brad told me that he loves women with big breasts, and breast size has always played a factor in his relationships. I thought it was the perfect moment to raise the issue of breastfeeding in adults - and see if he would be interested", Molford said.

Leeson got excited of the idea, and eventually their feelings toward each other blossomed and grew into something bigger.

"At that moment I knew that my life partner", she said.

According to Reddit website, they are not the only couple who are into adult breastfeeding.

In 2012 a woman in Reddit unveiled, she and her boyfriend do the deed, and it's not something childish, but it's sexy, sensual and emotional for her and her partner.

In the video below you will learn about the five most bizarre uses for breast milk:


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