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She heard a rumor about a dog barking at night in the mountains - she climbed up and discovered something crazy





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Trinity Smith heard rumors of a dog barking on the edge of a mountain in Colorado, United States.

Since she is an avid animal lover, she felt a strong desire to help. Maybe there was a lonely dog out there in desperate need of help.

There were no houses or people on the top of the mountain, so the chance of finding a domesticated dog there was slim.

This is why many people thought that the sounds they hear at night belonged to coyotes.

But there was another good reason to go looking for the animal - a few weeks before, a dog disappeared from the area.

Although the chances that the voices they were hearing were actually the dog in question were slim, Trinity was determined to check it out.

So then, in September 2017, she went up into the mountains to search.

It didn't take long for Trinity to realize that the rumors were indeed true.

As soon as she climbed up the mountain, she knew for sure that the barking she heard was definitely a dog's.

But it was impossible to tell where the barking was coming from, she only knew that it was coming from a long way off.

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When evening came, Trinity had to get home before dark.

Knowing better what she was looking for, the next day she went up the mountain again, this time with a friend - Sean Nichols.

They yelled at the dog as loud as they could. And they did this for several hours, but did not get an answer back.

Just before they were about to give up, they heard something familiar. Barking of a dog.

This time they could recognize which direction the barking was coming from and quickly walked towards it.

It didn't take long before they saw a very thin dog lying on the cold ground. There was no doubt that this dog urgently needed help.

The dog would not have survived much longer if Trinity and Shawn had not found her at that moment.

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At that moment, they didn't know - but the dog they found was 14 years old and her name is Chloe.

She had escaped during a trip with her owner six weeks before. After her disappearance, her owner searched for her every day for several weeks.

But it has been a long time since she disappeared, that the owners have lost hope in finding their beloved dog.

Six weeks alone in the mountains definitely took its toll on the older dog. Looking skin and bones, she weighed just 14kg when Trinity and Sean found her.

The two immediately picked Chloe up and took her to their car. At that time, they wrote on social networks that they found the dog that barked at night.

It didn't take long for the owners to discover that a dog had been found in the area, and they contacted Trinity to check if it was their dog.

At this moment, the two friends were on their way to the pet store to buy food. So they told the owner to meet them in the parking lot outside the store - where the owner and the dog had an emotional union to the point of tears.

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When an older dog like Chloe loses so much weight, there is always the fear that the body will not be able to recover. But Chloe was a very strong dog. Although it has been a few days since her rescue, she is already showing signs of improvement.

Trinity and Shawn visited Chloe at her house and they became good friends. She still needs some more time to recover, but something tells us this dog will live for a good few more years. If she survived six weeks alone on top of a mountain, then she can do anything!

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Many thanks to Trinity and Sean who refused to give up and saved the dog! Animal lovers like you make the world a better place!


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