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A street player that everyone ignored was about to give up - looked down and saw the cutest crowd ever!





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Playing music on the street for money is an art form that always existed. But it's hard work, because you have to be prepared for rejection - people pass by you and simply ignore your musical talent.

A street musician from Malaysia suffered from an uneasy night. No one paid attention to him, and he felt it was enough for today and planned to go home. It was until he attracted a surprising audience of four unexpected musical fans.

The talented singer performed on the street corners for hours, and was about to finish the day.

There was no point wasting time if no one was going to appreciate his talent. But instead of giving up and going he decided to play one more song ... and that was the moment his furry fan club appeared!

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The friend of the player who posted the video on Facebook said: "My friend just finished playing on the street corner that night, and not many people heard him singing, so then he sat down, calmed down and began playing a song just for fun".

The video shows four kittens approach the singer, and feel comfortable in the front row and enjoy the show.

"Suddenly some kittens came and sat in front of him, as if they knew how he felt and wanted to support him".

The cute kittens look mesmerized by the music. They sit in front of the singer, eyes staring directly at him, and enjoying the show. Their little heads even begin to move with the butcher.

The singer could not believe his eyes, he began to laugh and continued the performance. that's SO cute!

Watch these fantastic four enjoy the music in the video below, and do not forget to share it with your friends and family to bring them a big smile on their face!

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