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After a deep depression he decided to commit suicide - but then he saw what his dog was holding in its mouth





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There is no friend in the world as faithful and affectionate as a dog.

Don't believe? Just ask 25-year-old Byron, who wouldn't be alive today if it weren't for his furry friend, Geo.

Byron, from England, fell into a deep depression after a relationship he had had came to an end. He started drinking to suppress the pain and silence his inner demons.

Then, after a few months of heavy drinking, Byron wrote a farewell letter to his family.

He decided he didn't want to live anymore and was ready to commit suicide.

But there was someone in the house who refused to stand by and watch his best friend leave the world.

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25-year-old Byron Taylor felt he had reached rock bottom, and saw no way out.

One day, when he was completely drunk, he made a loop in a rope he had. Then he went downstairs to write a farewell letter to his family, the Daily Mail reported.

But when he went back upstairs, Byron saw his dog, Geo, and he had something in his mouth.

Geo took the rope while Byron was down. And when Byron tried to take the rope back from Geo, the dog refused to let go.

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At first, Byron thought Geo just wanted to play. But he quickly realized that the dog was serious. Geo sensed what Byron was about to do and bared his teeth as if he was going to bite Byron if he tried to fight him and take the rope he had in his mouth.

And when Geo finally let go the rope was completely torn.

Today, Byron says he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Geo.

"I think Geo knew what I wanted to do. They have a sixth sense about things like that. He knew something was going on", Byron said.

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Geo's quick action was enough to stop Byron's plan and put him in a different mood.

Byron began working hard to deal with the depression, but a few years later another tragedy struck him.

Geo was diagnosed with aggressive cancer and had only a few days to live.

Byron set up an online fundraising page to pay for Geo's medical treatments, but unfortunately, the vets could do nothing to save the dog.

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Byron decided to do everything in his power to help Geo make the most of his last days.

Now that his best friend has passed away, Byron will always be grateful to him for giving him the best gift of all.. the gift of life!


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