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A woman stunned DIY stars all over the world when she replaced the bathroom floor with black paint and fake tile painting





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Home renovation sounds like a complicated and difficult task. With all the tools and supplies you need, this is a task that will cost you a lot of money, time and many resources, right?

Wrong! One creative and resourceful woman found a clever way to hide the 'ugly' linoleum floor in her bathroom and she did so on a very low budget that anyone could afford.

Susanna, the blogger behind Livin 'the Life of Riley blog, is not only a wife and mother, but also an avid fan of 'Low Budget Renovation'. When she came across the Instagram post of a renovator names Joanna Gaines, she knew she had found a way to upgrade her home.

In the post, Gaines showed off her beautiful bathroom floor - in a charming black and white design.

Susanna was looking for methods around the internet for how she could recreate these tiles on a small budget.

Now that the floor is complete, she has posted the results on her blog. The look is spectacular and looks like the real thing!

Keep scrolling to find out how this awesome blogger turned her bathroom floor into a work of art.

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A blogger named Susanna was not happy with her bathroom floor.

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She saw the type of tiles she wanted, so she started researching and learning ways to recreate the look with less money. She found that using some materials, including stencils, and chalk paint, would do the job.

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Susanna started by painting the floor black

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Of course the project took time: it needed more than one layer, and she had to wait for each layer to dry before moving on.

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Once the black paint covered the entire floor properly, she began to paint the design, using a ballpoint pen and masking tape for paints.

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Once finished, the floor looks completely different!

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She looks almost identical to the design of Instagram star Joanna Gaines, from whom she drew inspiration.

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Amazing work Susanna!


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