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He secretly photographed a 'skeleton' on the street - looked closely and realized he had to break all his principles





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Unfortunately, it seems that the number of homeless people in the world is on the rise.

This means there are more vulnerable people sleeping in the streets and more beggars just trying to get through every day.

Many people choose to look the other way and ignore these people because it doesn't affect them.

Others try their best to help, each in his own way. Some do this by donating money, and others volunteer in organizations trying to put an end to the phenomenon.

Johnny Cervantz was one of those who looked the other way and refused to give money to the homeless.

But then he met Johnny Rhodes.

The homeless man was sitting outside a flea market in Indianapolis, looking like he was in desperate need of help.

He didn't look like the other homeless people in the area - Johnny had never seen such a difficult case.

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When Johnny Cervantz saw the man, it was hard for him to estimate how bad his situation really was. Was he just very thin? Starved? or on the brink of starvation?

Johnny was so affected by what he saw that he went against all his principles of not giving money to homeless people, and left him some cash.

He photographed the man - Johnny Rhodes, and posted his photo on Facebook.

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In the post, Johnny called on anyone who lives in the area or is passing through to stop by and make a small donation of food or money.

The picture spread like wildfire and somehow reached the last person he could imagine - Johnny Rhodes' brother!

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"I feel sick right now", Danny Rhodes said. "I can't function when I know someone lives like this and looks in such bad shape".

Danny has not seen his brother for 7 years. The two brothers lost contact when their mother died.

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When Danny saw his brother and the situation he was in, he knew he had to help. But when they came looking for him, Johnny was no longer in his usual place.

Fortunately, at this point many people in the community heard about the story and wanted to help. A friend of the family, Amy Smith, has set up an online page where people can post if they have seen Johnny or heard where he might be.

After many searches, Johnny was finally located and reunited with his brother after seven long years.

"He ate two meals, took a shower, put on clean clothes, and got a room with a king size bed, TV, fridge, microwave, Coke and snacks", Amy said. "He is in good condition and is resting at the moment".

Watch the full story below:

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How nice to hear that this story had a happy ending!

No one deserves to live like this on the street and starve to death - no matter the situation or the country they live in.


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