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A Homeless man approached a 24-year-old woman - 2 minutes later his unexpected question left her speechless





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We tend to look at homeless people as faceless men living on the streets.

But it is further from the truth. Homeless people also have thoughts, feelings and dreams.

And sometimes, the people who have the least are the ones who end up giving the most - something that 24-year-old Caroline Santana has witnessed herself.

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Caroline Santana lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One night, she was about to board a bus back home. But when she began searching her purse, she found that her monthly free pass got lost and that she didn't have enough money for the ticket.

Then, a man approached her. It was clear that he was homeless and was begging for money.

"Can you wait a minute? I think I lost my free pass", Caroline wrote on Facebook.

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Caroline couldn't imagine the man's reaction.

"How much do you need for a ticket?", the homeless man asked her. "I only have 4 reals (about $1.2) but I can give them to you".

Caroline was very moved by this, but refused to accept his money.

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"Are you sure? I can give you the money. I can't let you go home alone. I can help you", he said.

Then Caroline looked at her purse again and found her bus free pass.

She thanked the man for his kindness and beautiful gesture. Then, she started walking towards the bus.

But after a few steps, she turned back. She wanted to take a picture with the homeless man and post it on Facebook so that everyone can see what a big heart he has.

"Write that my name is Cesar. That's my name!" The man asked.

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Caroline found 2 more reals in her purse and gave them to the man before their ways separated.

She wrote the story in a Facebook post, that since its original posting date has received more than 650,000 likes and got shared more than 120,000 times.

“Was it a simple gesture? I'm sure others are ignoring and condemning him for his looks - many people probably think he can't behave and that he might be a criminal, but no, he has a big heart.

This story is about character, humility, wisdom, and love! Never judge anyone by appearance. God writes straight in crooked lines."

What a wonderful story. And it just shows you, as Caroline wrote, to never judge a person by appearance.


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