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Mother checked her premature baby born two months before time: saw something blue and immediately started crying





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When new parents Michelle Campbell and Chris Kors witnessed the birth of their son, it was an emotional rollercoaster for them.

Benjamin was born two months early than expected, and when a baby is born so early he will reach developmental stages two months after a baby born on his estimated date, and so many problems can arise.

Benjamin needed around-the-clock care from the moment he was born - and he was immediately transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit.

Under the care of the nurses, Benjamin began to grow stronger and develop at an impressive pace.

Mother Michelle and father Chris felt more relaxed, and eventually it was time to take their precious baby home.

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So one day when Michelle and Chris visited Benjamin in the hospital, while he was still there, and they saw something strange. As the couple approached the incubator, Michelle saw something blue hanging from the infusion.

A small cape with the letter B in the style of Superman. And next to it was a note that read:

"To our little superhero, with all the love, from Stephanie T."

Moved by this unexpected gesture from someone she doesn't know, and with emotions flooding her whole body, Michelle immediately began to cry.

Neither she nor her husband had met anyone named Stephanie at the hospital, so they were very curious about the woman who left the note, and why she did it.

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Michelle and Chris asked people in the ward, and it quickly turned out that Stephanie Traherne is a nurse in the neonatal unit in charge of the premature babies.

The Superman cape and the loving words were Stephanie's way of giving the children a little more love.

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Stephanie has been working at the Jewish Hospital in Montreal for the past year. She was inspired at a conference she attended where she saw a picture of a baby in a superhero cape.

She thought it was a nice gesture for premature babies. For such small and helpless souls, the children showed tremendous strength and power. Every day they take a few steps forward in their fight against all odds. In her eyes, they were the real superheroes.

In October, Stephanie started making small capes for the children she worked with. Although it is difficult to make capes that will fit everyone, Stephanie has already made more than 100 of them.

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"It puts a smile on parents' faces in difficult times so it was definitely special for us", Michelle said.

Benjamin has already left the hospital and is growing stronger with each passing day. His parents are thankful that he is doing so well.

The little guy is definitely a strong superhero, and not just for his parents, but for Stephanie as well. Moreover, it seems that strength is not his only good quality. He's also really, really cute.

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Every day nurses and medical professionals around the world work hard to do their best. And sometimes they do this despite many challenges and obstacles - very long working hours for example.

And yet, they do the job the best they can and give so much of themselves to those who need it. In our eyes, Stephanie and her friends and co-workers are superheroes as well.

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Stephanie works in a profession that doesn't get the credit it deserves. Nurses are suffering in silence, and it's time to change that.

Share the story to pay tribute to this amazing woman, and to all her colleagues who work hard and make a huge difference all over the world.


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