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A Grandmother thought she was dying, so the doctors revealed to her what they found inside her stomach





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Receiving the news that you're about to become grandparents for the first time is something that is indescribable!

Your beloved son or daughter will have their own baby. Maybe you will be flooded with memories from the time your child was a little baby? In your head you are still able to see them playing and running as children. And now they will have this happiness of their own.

For Alison Dent and her partner Robert, they were excited and thrilled when they heard they were about to become grandparents.

But Allison's happiness was short-lived, as shortly after receiving the good news, she began to experience severe abdominal pain.

She was convinced she was going to die and went to the hospital.

But nothing could prepare Allison and Robert for the news they were about to receive..

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Allison, from England, has suffered all her life from various and varied health problems. About 20 years ago, shortly after giving birth to her only daughter, Kylie, she woke up in the middle of the night.

Her sheets were covered in blood.

Allison found that she was suffering from an abnormal cells in the cervix, and underwent 'routine' surgery to remove part of the cervix. Unfortunately, that meant she would never be able to give birth again.

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She and Robert were broken because they wanted to have more children. But they were grateful with having Kylie, who they raised with all the love in the world.

That's why it was so exciting when Kylie told them she was pregnant. Unfortunately, Allison suffered from very severe abdominal pain while she found out she was about to become a grandmother.

"I went to the doctor, and two months after Kylie got pregnant, I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome".

Allison's stomach continued to hurt. She felt bloated and her stomach grew bigger and bigger. Irritable bowel syndrome is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract, which means that no problems can be found in the stomach or intestines, they just do not work properly.

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The months passed, and Kylie gave birth to a healthy baby girl she named Caseley.

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Allison tried to be happy for her family and for her daughter. But she feared her time with her beloved granddaughter would be short.

Three months later, Allison was rushed to intensive care because she was once again experiencing such severe abdominal pain that she could no longer tolerate it.

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The doctors performed a scan and found another cyst. So they performed further tests and also blood tests.

Amazingly - 26 years after Allison heard she could never have children again - she received news that shocked her.

"It's not a cyst.. It's a baby",

"I was in shock", Allison said. "I was in the 32nd week of pregnancy and had no idea".

8 weeks later, 43-year-old Allison gave birth to a small baby named Bobby Charles.

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"I was never happier in my life. I thought I was dying - instead, I got this cutie", Allison said.

What an amazing blessing Alison and her family received!

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Bobby Charles was born in December 2013 - five months after Alison and Robert's granddaughter was born.

Today Bobby is a happy little boy with a loving and supportive family.

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We must remember that sometimes higher powers have plans for each of us - and that was certainly the case with Allison!

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