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She put a piece of onion in her ear during the night, and the next morning something amazing happened!





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Because of the change in temperatures during fall and winter, there is an increase in the number of people suffering from colds and flu along with other diseases that affect people. The frequency of visits to pharmacies is increasing because we constantly need medications to cure us.

There is an increase in viruses in the air and this is the main cause of flu, colds and other diseases. But wouldn't you prefer to try a natural remedy before you take pills that you have no idea what's inside them?

If you look in your kitchen you will find many spices that can be helpful and help cure these and other diseases. But have you ever tried to use onions to cure flu or colds? If not here's a new product just for you!

Did you know that when you put onions in a sock or ear, it helps fight many diseases.

Learn about the uses of onions when you're not feeling very well.

* Onion is an excellent anti-cough solution

Sometimes, as a result of an infection or viruses, we suffer from coughs. And sometimes the cough can be severe, depending on the severity of the infection. We usually take cough syrup or pills. But they can have side effects.

Onions are a better alternative solution. You may have a bad breath, but it is tolerable and you can always chew gum or use a mouthwash. You will start to feel better and it will save you money.

I like this

If your child has a fever, it is recommended to use onions to lower it. All you have to do is put a few pieces of onion in the child's sock and let him sleep with it.

After a few days the child will feel much better. For a greater effect, you can spread apple cider vinegar on the onion and put it in the child's sock.

* Fights against symptoms of colds

Do you catch a cold more than others? If you have a runny nose all the time? Do not worry, there is a natural remedy that will help you deal with it. Start drinking onion tea or eating it fresh, and within a few hours you will feel much better.

* Relief of earache

Earaches can be one of the most painful and frustrating things, and you will not be able to get on with the day without taking any painkillers. But regular consumption of painkillers only harm your health. So why not try a natural and effective solution?

Earaches are usually caused as a result of inflammation, and can be treated with the help of the middle part of the onion (core). If you put it in your ear for several hours, you will feel significant pain relief. It is its anti-inflammatory properties that soften the ear wax and thus the toxins that cause the inflammation are cleansed. For optimal results it is recommended to sleep with the onion in the ear.

Until you try these natural solutions, you will not know what an amazing power onions have.


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