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He saved a lioness' life - 7 years later he ignored everyone's warnings and approached her





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We saw amazing pictures and videos of nature, but this video hit us hard.

Seven years ago, Kevin Richardson, an animal behavior expert, rescued two small lionesses that drowned in the river after their mother abandoned them.

Without Kevin's help, the lionesses would not have survived, or perhaps hunters would have shot them later in life. But fortunately, the big cats survived thanks to their guardian angel.

During their upbringing, the lionesses, whom Kevin called Meg and Amy, received a lot of love from him, and the three formed a very special bond.

"Meg and Amy are my twin souls. Like humans, you can meet many people during your life, but with few you will form a very strong bond", Kevin said.

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South African Kevin Richardson has spent many years of his life rescuing animals in Africa.

His nickname is ‘The Lion Whisperer’, because of the special bond he has made with so many lions he has saved over the years.

A few years ago, Kevin shot a short documentary, in which he keeps Meg and Amy, who have returned to the savannah.

But then, the lioness acted instinctively and hunted her prey again, even though she never learned to do so when she was a small cub.

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That's why he did not know how Meg and Amy would react when he came to say hello to them after they had already returned to the wild.

The lionesses, now 10 years old, behaved aggressively as the photographer approached them.

But a few moments later, Kevin decided to approach one of the lionesses.

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Equipped with a small camera, he even went down to the river where one of the lionesses was staying.

Watch the amazing moment when the lioness jumps into the water straight in Kevin's direction.

This is definitely something special. Wait to see what happens in the 3:18 minute of the video.

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The fact that there are less than 20,000 lions living in the wild in Africa and that these wondrous animals are starting to disappear is a catastrophe.

But anyone who watches this video will understand why the lions should be kept and allowed to live freely. They feel love, just like human beings.


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