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A mother's secret treatment for burnt skin spreads like wildfire - and doctors confirm it's actually working





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Summer is the best time of year for many people, and for many good reasons.

And yet, as with many good things, there is a downside to the fact that the sun is at maximum power. Anyone who has experienced sunburn and their skin burns more, still - as much as painful and paralyzing it is, and how pleasant it is, year after year, still allow themselves to sit in the sun a little too long.

Ointments and moisturizers can work up to a point, but is there a miracle cure? Well, for Cindy Allen-Stuart, a mother of two from Texas, there's a treatment that has also been approved by doctors.

The best part? It is a product that most people already have at home..

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Cindy Allen-Stuart, like most of us, has suffered from sunburn more than once or twice in her life. So when she was looking for a way to relieve the symptoms, she came across a common product that works wonders.

One day, recently, she shared the secret with a friend, one who told her she had never heard of it. Alan-Stuart decided to post it on Facebook - the idea was that as many people as possible could benefit from her tip.

As she wrote, "I recently told a friend about a treatment for burnt skin that works wonders".

The beauty is that it is not a drug that needs to be put together or prepared. There is no complexity of mixing products that most of us have no way of achieving at all. No, it's a product most people already have at home - a simple menthol shaving foam.

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Alan-Stuart swears the shaving foam works, and she says applying the foam to the burnt skin cures it in just a few hours. This is of course much faster than any other treatment, and the mother says that the skin does not peel off, as usually happens to it.

"If you get burned, apply shaving foam, and the next day your skin will be like new", she says.

"You don't want to put it right on your back because it is really cold. Put it on your hand first and then apply it on the burned skin".

34-year-old Cindy says for best results let the foam sit on the skin for 30 seconds, before rinsing it with lukewarm water. If the redness remains for another day, repeat the treatment again.

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And although it seems like a 'social retinal tip' that no specialist will stand behind, dermatologists actually agree:

"If you look at the ingredients of shaving foam, it's actually an excellent moisturizer", said Dr. Ross Radowski.

"It contains a lot of coconut oil, coconut butter or its derivative. It's actually what gives it its thickness and why it comes out in the form of foam".

But doctors do warn that if you have severe and extreme burns, or blisters, you should see a doctor instead of trying to treat the problem yourself.

And yet, it seems like a great tip, and if I get burnt, I will definitely try it.

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