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A 10-year-old noticed the bus driver smelled 'strange', immediately called the police and saved the lives of 30 children





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Troy Luna, a fifth grader, got on the bus on his way home from school when he noticed something 'strange' about the bus driver.

The 10-year-old boy's diagnosis and courage probably saved his fellow students from what could have been a life-threatening situation.

"Smoky odor and strange odor are mixed together", Troy described the odor emanating from the bus driver.

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The kid kept an eye on the bus driver and her driving worried him greatly.

"She pressed the brakes very hard several times and there were a number of kids flying forward", Troy said.

Called the police and the driver was forced to stop

When the driver missed her turn and got on the highway Troy knew something was wrong.

The smart 10-year-old called the police and the police arrived and demanded the bus driver to pull over on the side.

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"I was like, 'Well, I'll just call the police'" Troy said. "So I called".

"My friends tried to persuade me not to call", Troy said. "I told them, 'I do not care, it does not feel right' so I just did it".

'Failed the Breathalyzer'

The driver, who was in charge of about 30 children aged 5 to 10 who were on the bus was asked to pull over on the side by police and took a breathalyzer check, which she failed.

She was charged with driving under the consumption of alcohol and endangering child welfare.

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Despite what his friends told him, Troy relied on his instincts and did the right thing. It's so important to know when not to listen to friends and just do what you think. What a hero boy.

Please share the story to pay homage to the action of this brave 10 year old boy.


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