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A stray cat arrived in a police station, but instead of chasing her away, the cops built her an amazing house!





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One day, a police officer at a station in Boston was visited by an unexpected guest.

A stray cat decided to turn the station into her new home.

At first, the cops tried to smuggle the cat, but these efforts were in vain.

Every time they tried to smuggle her out, she only became more stubborn - when she sent them a clear message that she was not going anywhere.

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So instead of smuggling her out, the policemen at the station decided to take care of her.

But this was not an easy task as stray cats are usually shy and scared. They don't trust humans easily. And that was the case with the cops, even though they started feeding her.

The cops tried to get the cat to come inside, but she refused. So they decided to take a different approach: instead of wasting energy and trying to get her in, they just built her a house outside.

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Several cops teamed up and built a most impressive home for the beloved cat.

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The result exceeded all expectations! The street cat has happily received her new home and now has a hiding place from the cold, wind and rain.

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Well done to the cops! I wish everyone would show such compassion for animals.

New Kitty Condo for "SWAT Cat" - Team Mascot Moves into New Home at Boston Police SWAT Base in Roxbury Yesterday, on...

Posted by Boston Police Department (Official) on Saturday, February 11, 2017


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