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He heard screams from an abandoned house - kicked in the door and found his daughter bleeding to death





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Taking the law into your own hands is something you should never do.

But what if the life of someone you love was in danger and the police were not around? What would you do?

When 29-year-old single mother Bethany Arkano was absent from her home for 3 days, her family got tired of waiting for the police to find her.

Thanks to an eyewitness, the family knew that Bethany was abducted by her ex-partner but they had no idea where he had taken her.

But what they did know was that her ex was very dangerous.

He had a history of violence and was given a restraining order, the family knew they didn't have much time left and that they must find him.

A friend of Bethany's saw her honking hysterically at the car horn as she was dragged out of the car in the parking lot.

The man who dragged Bethany was her ex-partner, who is also the father of their two-year-old son.

The co-worker hurried to the car and Bethany started screaming in panic - asked him to take her child, and so he did.

Her ex-partner got Bethany into her car and drove quickly away.

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The incident was reported but the family was disappointed and frustrated by the police for not doing their job properly.

That was the moment they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Some clues led them to an abandoned house not far from where the ex-partner's car was found. Six members of Bethany's family, and several neighbors and friends, drove to the scene and heard screams of a familiar voice.

Bethany's brothers kicked in the door and opened it, and what they saw inside was worse than they could imagine.

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Right in front of her brothers' eyes, the ex-partner stood cruelly stabbing Bethany with a large knife. Bethany was covered in blood and screamed in panic and despair. She was dying in front of them.

One of Bethany's cousins knew exactly what he needed to do in that second. The cousin was armed with a gun and without thinking twice shot her ex-partner.

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Bethany was badly injured, but survived the horrific case. According to CNN, none of the family members were arrested or charged with any crime, as it was an act of self-defense and saving another person’s life.

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It's a shocking story that can evoke many emotions, but the important thing is that Bethany has survived and can continue to be a mother for her son.

Thanks to the tenacity and perseverance of her family - Bethany lives today.


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