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14 Year old girl bought an old caravan from 1974 and turned it single handedly into something amazing





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Many children spend summer with their friends, go to the pool or the mall, or just rest at home from a long exhausting school year, but not Ellie Yeater.

The 14 year old girl spent her summer vacation renovating and improving an old caravan from 1974 into something which she calls "Glamper".

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She told the interviewer that renovating the caravan will make her nature trips more comfortable and alot more fun. What an ambitious girl, wait till you see how the caravan looks after the renovation she did.

Her mother, Laurie, said that her daughter saved $500 from her birthday money, performing jobs and a few other things she needed in order to buy what was needed for renovating the van. Here's a picture of the caravan before the changes:

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When she was asked about the caravan, she said she found it in a local newsgroup sold for $200. She bought it, and then she used the rest of the money to buy painting materials, floor materials, and decorations.

She also said that the caravan was in a bad condition because its previous owner used it for camping and hunting. "It was in a very.. very bad condition", her mother said.

The original idea belonged to her brother Isiah, who already built a small hut for him and his friends, and Ellie wanted something similar for her and her friends, but something that will be closer to home, and with electricity and Wi-Fi.

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To start the renovating, she needed to completely disassemble the van. After that, she painted it in the color of Mystic Sea.

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In the picture above she removes the remainder of glue left on the floor after the disassembly. Also in the picture, her grandfather Lawrence teaches her basic carpentry.

In the next stage, she chose the basic color for the van. She carefully painted the insides, as she changes the previously boring color into something a little more modern.

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In the final stages, the finishing touches were added. Her grandmother, Mary, helped with the upholstery, while Ellie installed the tiles.

She said she collected many items for renovating the van. In the picture below, she brings a display doll she found in a garage that was just closed. She said she found alot of inspiration for this project in the website Pinterest.

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Now the "Glamper" is almost ready. She keeps adding decorations such as vintage camera, retro fan, and decorative napkins her grandmother prepared.

When she was asked what she's preparing to do after she finishes the project, she said she will invite her girlfriends to sleep in the caravan, or perhaps find some peaceful time for herself to read some books.

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With determination, the caravan Ellie made is just amazing. Taking such a big project and perform it single handedly, is inspiring, especially from someone at her age.

When asked why did her daughter take on herself such a big project, her mother replied that she "Never told her she couldn't do anything", and with such a support, Ellie went to create something spectacular.


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