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A 93-year-old man takes Viagra every night - his grandson was shocked when he found out why





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There is nothing better than laughing from a good joke. I like to tell jokes, and enjoy listening to people who tell them, but sometimes I even burst out laughing when there is no one around. you too?

I found this story online and it was so funny I had to share it with you.

Daniel went to visit his 93-year-old grandfather in the hospital, and he was happy to see him happy and full of life.

"How are you, Grandpa?", Daniel asked

"Feeling great", the old man replied.

"How's the food?"

"Wonderful, excellent dishes. Yesterday we got a chicken stew, almost as good as Grandma's".

"And how are the nurses?"

"They couldn't have been better. These young sisters really take good care of me".

"And what about sleep? Do you sleep well?"

"Sleeping fine! Eight hours every night. At 22:00 they bring me a glass of hot chocolate and a pill of Viagra.. And that's all, I fall asleep like a baby".

I like this

Daniel was confused and also a little scared, so he hurried to the nurses' desk to talk to the nurse in charge.

"Hello, I wanted to find out something with you", Daniel asked. "My 93-year-old grandfather told me that you give him a Viagra pill every night. He sure imagines it, right?"

"Ah yes..", the nurse replied. "Every night at 10pm we give him a glass of hot chocolate and a Viagra pill. It works wonderfully. The hot chocolate puts him to sleep, and Viagra prevents him from rolling over and falling out of bed.."

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