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Hold your hand in this position.. you will not believe what will happen next





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Look at your hands. What do you see?

If your answer is 'just my hands', ask reflexologists. They will tell you that there are, according to studies, a number of points on your palms that can give you power that controls your body and mind.

Today we share with you what you can do with the middle finger. And of course, the rest of the fingers as well.

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The thumb is responsible for anxiety and headaches. If you experience a strong headache, gently hold the thumb for 5 minutes. Reflexologists claim that it will relieve the pain.

The index finger

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This finger controls muscle aches as well as feelings of disappointment, fear, and embarrassment. As studies at the University of Minnesota show, patients with back and muscle pain felt better after a series of reflexology treatments. Hold the index finger with the other hand for 5 minutes.

The middle finger

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Pressing the middle finger helps you if you feel nervous, angry or tired more than usual. Studies have shown that this lowers blood pressure and calms you down.

The ring finger

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Negative emotions and sadness will disappear if you gently hold the ring finger for 5 minutes. Do not forget to be calm and take a deep breath.

Pinky finger

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The pinky is responsible for self-confidence, stress, and tension. If you have a tendency to underestimate your value, then you should massage your finger for 5 minutes. Try to think of something positive in the process.

The palm

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Press with the fingers of one hand on the middle of the other palm. Massage it in circular motions, inhale and exhale deeply, 3 times. Reflexologists claim that the palm is the center of emotions. Studies show that regular massage of the palms helps prevent nausea, pressure, diarrhea, and constipation.

Attaching the palms

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This pose is often used in meditations. It helps concentration and arranges your thoughts. By pressing the two palms together you can improve blood circulation.

Surya Mudra

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This pose will help you improve digestion and metabolism. The technique is used in cases of low blood temperature and lack of appetite.

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