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Desperate, this cow jumped off a ship to escape certain death





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Survival instinct.

This is unquestionably what motivated this cow, who was on its way to the slaughter house, to jump into the water while boarding a ship that would have led it to certain death.

The ship belongs to a company named Wellard in Australia. Every year, Australia exports one million cows and 2 million sheep to the Middle East. Closed in cargo ships, these animals are in horrible conditions during the long voyage, and many of them do not survive.

The AnimalsAustralia organization has launched an investigation designed to examine the intolerable treatment that animals undergo during these journeys and the results are simply shocking.

"Millions of cows, sheep and goats have suffered long journeys at sea only to be abused, and then slaughtered in countries without a law to protect animal welfare".

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The cow that jumped into the water escaped a cruel fate. After reaching the shore, she ran away, and it took 24 hours until she was found a few miles away.

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Many people demanded that the cow, who had fought so hard to stay alive, will be freed so that she could live the rest of her life quietly and peacefully in a shelter farm. Unfortunately, the Wellard company did not respond to the case, and the future of the cow is unclear.

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Sign this petition to bring an end to these slaughter ships.

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Watch the amazing video of the cow that did everything she could to be saved from slaughter:

Fremantle Port – Livestock RescueEarlier today, rescue vessel R100 and rescue jet ski TAB1 tasked to the Fremantle Inner Harbour where a cow had entered the water, and was trapped under a jetty. Whilst waiting for a vet to assist rescue teams, the animal again entered the water near the Western Australian Maritime Museum where rescue jet ski TAB1 attempted to guide it to the nearest safe beach.
The animal made its way to shore before running on land into the Fremantle town centre, where rangers and other agencies took over the recovery operation.

Fremantle Sea Rescue crews will assist any life – human or animal – in danger within our oceans and waterways.

Community TAB

Posted by Fremantle Sea Rescue on Sunday, November 13, 2016


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