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Orphan elephant cub and ostrich are best friends after having to overcome a particularly difficult past





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An elephant cub, Jotto, was only a month old when he was separated from his mother and the rest of the herd.

He fell into a well and after a few days the rescue team of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust organization in Kenya found him.

The rescue team rescued Jotto out of the well and brought him to an elephant shelter in Kenya, which specializes in the care of orphan elephants.

They take care of little elephants like Jotto, who socialize with other elephants in the park, and eventually release them back to the wild.

But surprisingly, it wasn't an elephant who took Jotto under his wings..

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Although the animal shelter was full of other elephants, Jotto actually connected with an ostrich named Pea.

Pea was rescued in October 2014. One day when the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team were on their way to rescue an elephant puppy, they discovered Pea and her brother, who were in desperate need of help.

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Pea and her brother Pod grew together with the elephants in the reserve and their situation soon improved. Pod was released into the wild a year later - but Pea was pleased and happy with her new friends and refused to leave.

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Pea enjoys being with the elephants - and the orphan giraffe, Kiko, who also lives in the reserve.

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"It is quite possible to say that the ostrich Pea believes she is part of the herd of elephants, and small Jotto is happy to cuddle with his 'feathered' company..", the members of the organization\ wrote.

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Although an Ostrich-Elephant friendship is not something you see every day, the special relationship between Jotto and Pea proves that animals have the ability to help one another recover - no matter their shape, species or gender.

Jotto and Pea showed that the strongest, special and heartwarming connection grows from the most difficult moments and conditions.

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