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10 great and efficient ways to organize and arrange your refrigerator





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Keeping a clean and tidy fridge not only helps you feel better, but also helps maintain the quality of the food and extends its shelf life.

In a messy fridge it is easy to forget what products we have, and forgotten food gets rotten and wasted. Besides, trying to find things in a messy fridge can drive people crazy and make you think your fridge is too small.

If this happens to you frequently, it's time to test your food storage ideas.

We assure you that these tips will help make your fridge look clean and tidy just like in the commercials.

1. Put large boxes in the top shelves

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Buy large plastic utensils, put labels on them (meat, fish, etc.), and enjoy a neat and organized fridge.

2. Use office clips for bags

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Now you can get two benefits in one move: these 'clips' keep the bags closed and at the same time help best utilize the space in the fridge and / or freezer.

3. Use an egg carton for sauce bottles

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Are the shelves in your refrigerator in terrible chaos because of all the bottles of sauces falling all the time? If so, use this guide and forget about the chaos.

4. Store green leaves in jars

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Your salad will stay fresh for much longer. Besides, this trick will make your fridge look clean and tidy.

5. Magnetic storage boxes

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Do you have creative thinking and like to invent things? If yes, then this idea is perfect for you. Click here to learn how to make these boxes.

6. Clean the refrigerator without harmful chemicals

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Use this lemon and rosemary cleanser to make your fridge look and smell like new. Click here for the Recipe.

7. Preparing a special place for foods that need to be eaten first

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Say 'No' to waste of food!

8. Label each shelf on the refrigerator door

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Do not forget to label the shelves so that the family members don't get confused

9. Preparing a snack area

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Quickly take a health snack without having to search the entire fridge

10. Use of multifunctional tools in the fridge

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Your freezer will no longer look like one big mess with this trick


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