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A 7-year-old used his pocket money to buy toilet papers for the elderly who are in isolation due to the coronavirus





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The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is at its peak these days and it is hard to find positive stories of hope.

And yet, Jimmy Dean Hudson’s story is a one that cannot be ignored. The 7-year-old redirected all his efforts to help the elderly by buying them toilet papers - using his pocket money.

According to the report, Jimmy Dean Hudson and his mother Tracy are providing help for the elderly in their neighborhood in England.

Tracy explained: "We went to the supermarket on Sunday and there was not a single roll of toilet paper left".

I like this

"So we went to the neighborhood's grocery store and there were a lot of toilet papers there, and Jimmy Dean said: 'Mom, let's buy a lot and give it to those who need it'".

"We got home. He filled a trolley with the toilet papers and we set off".

“We met wonderful seniors and they were very positively surprised by the beautiful gesture."

"One person who is over 80 years old told us he was very worried and that even during the war no one panicked and bought groceries in such quantities, and that the communities helped each other and that no one took more than was needed."

"Jimmy Dean used his money to fund it - he doesn't get a fixed allowance, but occasionally."

I like this

"He still has some pocket money left but he intends to use it for his next idea - to buy snacks and drinks for the local medical professionals."

"I am so proud of him and he has put many smiles on many people's faces".

"His whole family, friends and teachers at the school are very proud of his kindness".

What an inspiring kid! In such difficult times, it is more important than ever to support and help one another.

Thank you Jimmy Dean. We send you all the love in the world and send prayers to all those in need during these difficult times.

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