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The beloved neighbor passed away, leaving this amazing gift to the family that lived next to him





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When you move into a new home you don't always know what or who you will receive as neighbors.

Neighbors who are a nightmare are rare but when that happens it can ruin your life completely.

Fortunately, there are people like Ken Watson who made his new neighbors, the Williams family, feel lucky from day one.

What they didn't know was that he would leave them a huge gift, something that would ensure that this kind guy would stay in their hearts forever.

Ken lived most of his life in Barry township, Wales.

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The father of two had a fascinating past where he loved to live on the extreme, including skydiving when he was already over 80 years of age, and even trying to walk a rope several times in his life.

When the Williams family moved in next to him, Ken was 83, and in their first encounter Ken was already on a 7-foot ladder.

The pensioner was a wonderful neighbor, but unfortunately, his wife passed away and Ken preferred to be alone and hardly left the house.

The Williams family tried to spend as much time as possible with Ken to help him during the mourning period, knowing what a wonderful person he was.

And Ken actually became a family member of the Williams family and he was thankful for the supportive and loving neighbors he had.

When Carolyn and Owen Williams found out they were pregnant, they couldn't wait to tell the news to Ken.

Ken was very happy and looked forward to a more beautiful life as he waited to spend time with the baby that was about to be born.

In 2017 Cady was born and Ken was so happy for Carolyn and Owen. The baby even reminded him of his daughter, who was now older.

When Cady was a little baby, a tragedy happened and Ken passed away. The Williams family was so sad they lost a neighbor and a man so dear and loved.

A few days before Christmas, Owen Williams opened the door, and on the other side stood Ken's young daughter holding a large bag.

She explained that Ken knew he didn't have much time left to live, so he spent his last days buying presents - one gift per year until the age of 16.

The first gift from Ken was a children's book called "Christmas Eve in Mallops".

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Whenever Owen and Carolyn read this book to their daughter they will remember their sweet neighbor, Ken.

Please share to pay tribute to all the people who go above and beyond to be good neighbors. The world needs more people like Ken.


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