White lion and white tigress gave birth to babies, and you've never seen anything like it





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Lions and tigers are the royal animals of the animal kingdom. Once separated by continents, today they are located next to each other in zoos around the world.

Lions, with their mane, and tigers, with their fearsome streaks, are a pair of heaven in a cat's paradise.

Ivory the Lion and Saraswati the Tigress met at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. As much as lion and tigers form an unlikely pair, these two are much more special because of their white fur.

According to zoologists, there are only 300 white lions, and 1200 white tigers in the world.

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The albino couple gave birth for the first ever baby cub of a lion involved with a tiger, and they could not have been more cute!

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Meet Odeline, Samson, Yeti, and Apollo

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As you can see, their fur is mostly white, but unlike their mother, they have some stripes

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Like most genetic breedings, these puppies will grow up and be sterile. It is unfortunate that they will not be able to pass on their beauty to future generations of fresh tigers.

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The puppies are still small, but they grow about 1 pound a day. In time they will be as big as their parents, and will not be easy to master. But in the meantime, they like to play, and get a lot of love from their caretakers.

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